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Professional Touch_Boards-01.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-02.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-03.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-04.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-05.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-06.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-07.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-08.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-09.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-10.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-11.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-12.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-13.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-14-min.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-15.jpg
Professional Touch_Branding.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-16-min.jpg
Professional Touch_Boards-17.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-18.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-19-min.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-20-min.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-21-min.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-22-min.jpg
Professional Touch Resize-23.jpg

Other Projects


Mar 2022 - Under process

Barista Cafe

An app to deliver the best cafe and exquisite food experience to the customers at their home as well as the Barista cafe.


June 2021 to July 2021

Green Padels

Designed a cycle renting app which will help people overcome their fear to use public services.


January 2021 to March 2021

Kid Collection

Designed a collection that is aesthetically and functionally appealing for preschooler kids.

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